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Prices current as of January 1,  2011

Prices subject to change without notice.

Basic Services for Exams:


DOT and non-DOT PE’s (includes UA and vision)




Drug Screen (urine or hair)

Breath Alcohol Testing

 Confirmations with initial at our facility

 Confirmations as f/u from other facility

Blood Draw (collection only)

Grip Strength Testing

Functional Strength Testing


Additional Services Available:


Urinalysis (UA)

Vision (Snellen, Ishihara, & Color chips)

Chest X-Ray

Lumbar Spine X-Ray

Farnsworth Color Vision

Additional X-Ray views available

Hepatitis A Immunization

Hepatitis B Immunization

Flu or Pneumonia Vaccination


Mantoux/ TB Titer

Additional Immunizations available


























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